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  • Why should an Owner’s Representative be hired by an Owner?

    An Owner's Representative can be hired for many different reasons, which vary depending on the nature of the project. Generally speaking, not all Owners perform construction on a regular basis; therefore an Owner’s Representative provides the required experience and expertise and serves as an advocate for the Owner’s interests.

  • When should an owner’s representative be included in the project?

    Ideally, an Owner's Representative will get involved as soon as the Owner recognizes the need for a project. The Owner’s representative has expertise in assembling a team of professional firms (architects, engineers, specialty consultants, construction managers, estimators, etc.) tailored to the specific needs of the project.

  • What should an owner look for in hiring an owner’s representative?

    Experience, compatibility and integrity are three important selection criteria, as the Owner's Representative is going to be advising on important issues that have a direct impact on schedule, quality and budget.  You need to know that your Owner's Representative is giving you the best possible advice relative to issues that arise throughout the course of the project. An Owner should hire an experienced Owner’s Representative that fits the culture of their organization and vigorously protects their interests.

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